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When you're away on vacation or just out for the day, I will take care of your cats

as if they are my own. 

15% off your first reservation 

Have questions or want to book my services?

Book a Meet & Greet
(free 30-minute consultation in your home)



1 Visit Per Day:

30 minute visit - $25 (up to 3 cats) 
Please add $3 for each additional cat (4 or more) 

2 Visits Per Day:

30 minutes per visit - $45/day (up to 3 cats)

Add $3 for each additional cat (4 or more)


Please add $10 on the following holidays:

• New Year's Eve

• New Year's Day

• Easter

• Memorial Day 

• Independence Day

• Labor Day Weekend

• Thanksgiving Day

• Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Cynthia is AMAZING! She has been watching my cats for a year now and I have never had a better cat sitter. I am a veterinary professional, and I have special needs cats. Cynthia takes the extra time with them and I 100% recommend her. I have always had other veterinary professionals watch my cats and she is by the best sitter I have ever had. Love you Cynthia! 

-Amy H.


• Sleepy Hollow
• Carpentersville
• Elgin
• East Dundee
• West Dundee​
• Algonquin

• Gilberts

My visits include:

• Providing meals / water / treats

• Litter box scooping

• Playtime and enrichment  

• Daily communication from me (text messages and 3-5 pics of your fur babies) 

I offer the following complimentary services:

• Mail / package pick-up

• Plant watering 

• Adjusting lights / blinds to give your home a lived-in look
• Taking out garbage bins for trash pick-up

A 25% deposit will secure your reservation. It is non-refundable if you cancel your reservation 48 hours before first the scheduled visit. 

Visits are between the hours of 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday, and between 8am-6pm on weekends / holidays. 

My policy requires a minimum of one visit per day to ensure the safety, health, and comfort of your cat.

If you have feral cats, rabbits, fish, snakes, rodents, or backyard chickens, I'm happy to look after them, too. Please inquire about additional pricing.

Pet Supply Pick Up
If additional pet food or meds are needed, I can shop for you at your request. A $15 service charge will be applied. 

Do you have a shy or older cat who doesn't want to play? If your cat doesn't require a full 30 minutes visit, please enquire about shorter visits.  

a little about me


I have been a proud cat parent for over 20 years. My love of cats extends to our feral friends (aka community cats). I am certified in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). I also make and donate cold-weather feral cat shelters to colony caretakers in my community. I have fostered kittens, adult cats, and dogs. 


I live in the beautiful, tree-lined village of Sleepy Hollow, IL with my husband, our puppy, and (of course) our cats. My formal education is in Fine Art and Illustration. I’m also a certified yoga teacher with 10 years of teaching experience.

Meet My Cats


Rosie had a rough start in life. She was living outside trying to find food from anyone in the neighborhood who would feed her. One day last spring, another outdoor cat attacked her. For days after, Rosie was so scared that she would come for food but not eat, anticipating another attack. A concerned neighbor reached out to me for help. I humanely trapped and spayed her, and gave her some time to decompress in her crate. She had no microchip and no owners came forward. After a few days - to my surprise - she allowed me to pet her and showed all the signs (like eating from my hand right away, and sitting in my lap) that she had chosen me as her human. I couldn’t say no. Rosie enjoys catching rays in the window and doesn’t miss the rough outdoors. She’s very chatty and flops at my feet when she wants love. And it’s very easy to love Rosie.


The best part of my job is meeting so many funny, wonderful cats (and their hoomans too!). I will share pics and stories about the cats I have now, and the ones I've had over the years. Let's start with Sophie (aka Cutie McPretty). Sophie came to me in 2020 after I found her roaming an alley in Chicago. She was most definitely pregnant, and I was most definitely concerned about her from the start. After trying to befriend her, it was obvious she was feral; I couldn’t get anywhere near her without her running in fear. But I didn’t want her to have her babies outdoors. One day, to my surprise, we made eye contact, and I swear I felt like she was giving me the ok to help. So I trapped her, brought her indoors, and made her comfy in a large dog crate with pillows, water, food, and litter. Just in time, too! Three days later, a variety pack of six gorgeous kittens were born. While she was nursing, I would often feed her from my hand to help the exhausted new mama out. She became feeder friendly fast and quick, and I didn’t have the heart to put her back outside, so I went to work on socializing her. And then one day, she left me pull her into my lap and I knew I had loved the feral right out of her. Sophie has been living indoors only for over two years. She greets me with loving head butts and the sweetest purrs I’ve ever heard. All her babies eventually got adopted into loving homes.


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